This is for the females: why does looks matter?

i never had this problem before but my friend does and he says that females says he ugly and I tell him that don't change who he is just approach them different and he says they wouldn't talk to him ecause of his looks but some let him down gently others straight to the ground so why does looks matter?


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  • I could turn this around and ask any guy the same question in regards to girls. Each gender wants to think that the other gender is more superficial (however, it is true that guys are more visual and physical, while girls tend tobe more cognitive and emotional).

    I hate the fact that people are judged on their looks, but then I thought, There are certain instances where it kind of makes sense.

    I would want to be with someone who is kind and takes care of himself, practices good hygiene, isn't creepy...

    Some of these things you can tell just by looking at a person.

    So in that aspect, looks matter.Greasy hair and unbrushed teeth are not going to win you thegirl.

    As far as the ugly thing goes, I couldn't care less what the shape of your nose is, or how muscular or chubby you are. Whether your eyes squint, or if one of them is lazy. etc, etc. I don't care whether someone is consideed unattractive to the rest of the world. Beauty fades, but personality can get better.

    • I agree with you but that question was like a both ways question but it was more lean towards feamles because of what happened to my friend I just wanted answers

  • Why do looks matter for guys?

    And really for me, it's mostly personality. I can be interested in a guy because of his looks, but I can't really fall for him without meeting him first. I guess it's just the natural thing for looks to matter. I mean would YOU date a girl that you weren't physically attracted to?

    • Well yes I have before because I look at personality but it didn't last long because she thought I was cheating because females would flirt with me but I turn them down to me if you looking to go with someone for just looks than you must just wanna have sex with him and that's it... I never understood that I feel sorry for my friend tho

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