Black guy with straight hair?

I'm a black guy and I was thinking about growing out my hair and straightening it just to see what it looks like. But I'm wondering, does straight hair on black guys look good?


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  • it doesn't look bad, but are you sure your going to want to put that much effort into your hair all the time. If you do make sure you use products to protect it and keep it looking good.

    • Yea I want to put effort in my hair. I'm tired of having the same hair do day after day after day. In fact I have had the same hair do for 19 years. I'm done with it. When I wake up in the morning, I want to be able to pick my hair style for the day like I pick my close. You know what I mean?

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  • no please dont. I have never seen it done right. well maybe if you are going for some type of emo scene look but it probably wouldn't be a good look.

    • Really? Why does it not look good? And it would kind of have the emo/scene look.

    • Well the guys I've seen with relaxed hair looked a hot mess. It seems like you have a high chance of going wrong with straight hair, but there are a few exceptions. Buut if you are going for an emo/scene style and you always make sure you keep it up, and you gotta make sure everything is on point when you have an eye catching hairstyle...then I think it could work.

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  • I don't know. It just occurred to me that I hardly ever see black buys with straight hair these days. Everyone at my church is black except me and two other guys, and none of the guys have straight hair. Everybody's either natural, bald, or has dreads. It's an odd thing now that you mention it. All the women have weaves, wigs, braids, or dreads, and none are natural, and all the guys are the opposite.

    • Yea. That's way I want to straighten my hair. It's different. Something you don't see everyday. I think it would be unique.

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    • I hear ya. A wig is too much like wearin a hat. My last girlfriend got her hair braided all the time, and it was like runnin my fingers through rope!

    • Hahaha man I know what your talking I like all natural hair. Nun of that fact stuff.

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