G@G any of you experimenting with different styles & looks?

Just trying to find my identity...

G@G any of you experimenting with different styles & looks?

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zero fucks for this question it seems...


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  • I suppose you could say I am, though technically the same. The only difference is, I have more clothing now that I've always wanted for the past couple of years. My fiancé will be buying a whole bunch of clothes from Affliction and Wornstar for the next couple of months. He shares all of his clothes with me, and I do the same, so I'll be wearing those clothes along with him. A lot of my clothing comes from either Tripp or Hot Topic, so these will be new styles for me.

    • You are 17 and already getting married... woah. lol but good luck!

      lol I look like a pirate because of my long hair and beard... and that my ancestors were pirates as well.

    • I'm more mature than most and I've known him for 4 years. He's 20 now, but we fit well together. Thank you though. :)

      My fiancé and I have similar ancestry (we both have Scottish and Irish ancestry), but my fiancé has more of the looks than I do. His long, wavy hair makes him look like a Norse warrior, which noone seems to notice. It's quite awesome.

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  • hmmmm no i don't think so... my style is still casual and boho

  • Not currently, I did around the time I started Uni though


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