Girls, which type of bra is the best for support?

I have back pain like 24/7 because of my chest size even though I'm always wearing a bra. 😣
It is getting out of control. 😀


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  • You and I were only chatting about this the other evening.

    • Yeah. πŸ˜…
      But I thought about sports bras, I have one (from Lidl, you can guess it's quality πŸ˜‚), I don't know if I should try one more complex. :-?

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    • You could also google Rigby & Peller.. They used to make my customs bras.. Rumours also have it that they are lingerie outfitters to Her Majesty The Queen.

    • Thank you! πŸ™

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  • I have back pain because of it too... No bra helps... Honestly.
    But I find these are most supportive:

  • I'm not sure how big you are, but it could be that physically your boobs are too big for your body. Either that or you are sleeping wrong, or maybe you have back issues?

    If your parents have benefits, try getting back massages. They tend to help, ordering bras in the right size helps too, a lot of women wear the wrong size.

    But it could also be that your boobs are really big and it's causing problems.

    I have big boobs, but I am very broad and have never had back issues. But a lot of my friends who have smaller frames and are bigger up top have issues.

    Abdominal exercises definitely help. Try doing some exercises that work your core. It might help. Other than that, surgery is really the only other option.

    • Thanks for your imput. ☺
      I have struggled a lot with bras till I found my size, but I'm afraid of ordering online because some companies think that a DD is smaller than an E and other companies that a DD is an E. Besides that, I might be still growing, so wasting more than 150 lei (which is already a lot) for bras is pointless.
      I was thinking about trying a complex sports bra (I have one from Lidl, you can guess how complex it can be), but I'm not sure if it's like other bras or would be better for my back pain.
      I'm an US 32F, however I have a small frame and I'm skinny too, which makes my breasts heavy for my back.

    • Sports bras are only good if they offer decent support. I'm not sure what companies are best. I am also a G or F depending on the bra company, sometimes a DD. Believe it or not, sometimes checking out plus size sites such as Lane Bryant or Torrid might sell your size. They are expensive, but they might have better options than a VS might have.

      The fuller coverage bras, while they aren't as pretty, will support you much better.

    • I'm from Romania, so we don't even have VS.
      Where I live we only have Triumph. It's not a bad store, I can find close sister sizes.
      But I'm still afraid of ordering online if I can't find there.
      If I check the "calculators" (given that they convert the size based on country/state) they give me something like 32D.
      Converting is hard. .-.

  • A correctly fitting one!

    If you are having horrible back pain, a better fitting bra may help reduce some of that. Many women do not know that cup sizes larger than DD and band sizes smaller than 32 exist or that they are completely normal and mass manufactured. For example, I have quite average sized boobs and am a 30F/FF:

    If you want some more info on sizing and where to shop just let me know! Here is com/gallery/search? band=32&cup=FF&age=&brand=&sister_sizes=0&search=Search

    • I have struggled with this for a while (both informing and telling my mother that not every D cup is huge to convince her I need to check my size again) and found out I'm an EU 70F, which size they don't even make in the only store we have.

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    • Not really because I grew 2 cup sizes in 2 months, so there is still a high chance of growing another cup size. So spending a lot of money (what I saw on internet were more than double the price of what you can find in Triumph) on them is pointless. .-.
      My mother is also an AA or AAA cup, so she doesn't understand the struggle.

    • Maybe check out <a target="_blank" class="me"nofollow">https://www. reddit. com/r/braswap/ase. com" rel="nofollow">https://www. bratabase. com or https://www. reddit. com/r/braswap/ or https://www. reddit. com/r/RandomActsOfBras/
      People sell new and gently used bras for much cheaper and on the last one they even donate free bras to people.

  • I wish I knew, but sadly, my boobs are smallπŸ˜”

    • You don't.
      Trust me.
      When I was younger I was thinking like you, but now I would be happier without back pain.

  • Depends on your boob size and if you are wearing a bra correctly or the right size.

    • I'm an EU 70F (I know how to see which bra is the right size), but where I live the closest I can get is 75E.

  • If you have been recently fitted and are wearing your correct bra size and still experiencing back pain, I think you are far beyond what a bra can do and should probably see your doctor. The issue and the pain may have damaging long lasting consequences if you just let it go on unattended. I wear E's myself, and its a pain to exercise because I basically have to wear two bras to keep from knocking myself out (lol), but I also do not experience any back pain.

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