GAG'ers, which of these flashy cothes do you like most?

I like A and D the most :D

A: A red dress with glitter belt:
GAG'ers, which of these flashy cothes do you like most?
B: Flashy pants:
C: These T-shirts you can see from the other side of town!
D: Tights that will make a tiger jealous!

  • A - the red dress with glitter belt
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  • B - "the star of the evening" panty
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  • C - The cute flashy t-shirts
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  • D - Your "tiger legs" to make the guys bite
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  • To wear myself? A and D. My boyfriend would love B though, it's totally his street

    • I'm not a specialist but could you wear the tights in D with a red dress?
      I must be very careful with colours, I'm colour blind :o

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    • Since you like 2 of the options (your guy will melt!) MH is all yours :D

    • Thank you hun! X

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  • I never leave the house without my tights that make every tiger in 100 mile radius dry hump my leg.

  • (A) or (C).

    • Yeah, A for your girl and maybe C for you, for a joint walk on the beach.
      You people will be visible from a mile away!

  • I don't like any of them.

    You might get away with wearing a flashy t-shirt.