How would you best describe your most ideal dress? And what occasion would you wear it to most often?

What are some of the features, styles, colors, or designs would you want to have with it?
What accessories would make the dress even better?
Could you find other places to wear that dress?
Why would this dress be your most ideal one?


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  • Ah, the ultimate dress.

    Okay, so the shape - It would have cap sleeves and a sweetheart neckline to be both kinda... Modest but would show off a liiiittle bit of cleavage because c'mon :P Kinda A-line shape with it flowing out around my hips and down to the floor with a tiny bit of a train but nothing huge or ball gown-y. A keyhole back might be cool but might be too much with the sleeves and the neckline, I dunno.

    The colour - It'd be a really dark blue and would have these tiny little crystals or diamonds or anything, whatever, dotted around the fabric and the bodice so that it looked like the night sky and the little crystals or whatever would shine in the light.

    Accessories - My necklace and the neckline would work so that the stone hung just hung perfectly above the little dip in the middle. I'd probably have my gold chain changed to silver to match the crystals/whatever on the dress and look more midnight-y.

    Where I'd wear it - My coronation as queen of the world, not even joking. I've thought about this scenario way too often :P

    This dress would be ideal for me just because it'd be so striking and beautiful and like the symbolism of the nighttime and the way the dark blue would look on my skin and bring out the blue of my eyes and how it looks in my head is gorgeous without being frilly and huge. Just something elegant without being totally jewel encrusted or so big it'll barely fit through the door.

    • I love the detail that you put into this and didn't shy away from terminology just cause I am a guy. Thank you for all of that.

      What would you want the keyhole in the back for? What would it do for you?

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    • Sure! Kitten heels are shoes that give you a little bit of height but they're very low heels. The heels are quite thin though. So you're lower to the ground but you don't really have that thick a heel to walk on. These are kitten heels:

      <a target="_blank" class="media-link" href="https://static-secure. guim. co. uk/sys-images/Guardian/About/General/2012/11/19/1353336ris. fashion. telegraph. co. uk/.../...32_1915028a. jpg

      https://ris. fashion. telegraph. co. uk/RichImageService. svc/imagecontent/1/TMG8561779/m/melania532_1915028a. jpg

    • I feel so bad for women who walk on very small heel points that I am "turned off" by them I prefer a thicker point on the heel. And I like open toed and strapy heels.

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  • My ideal outfit would be a casual full-sleeved Tee, jeans/cargos and sneakers.

    The question was probably meant only for women, but I answered anyway! :P

    • Hey it's cool. I don't mind at all. :) I still have to give credit for the guys MHO anyway. lol.

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  • It would look fit for a queen and inncocent way! It would be like a pale blue and long and v neck. It would have beads and little details of apples. But very blendable. And i would be attenting a ball! (:

  • s-media-cache-ak0. pinimg. com/.../...18a54002da. jpg

    This one, because it's red and flowy. I doubt I could wear this anywhere though, it's mostly a 'red carpet' dress. I 'd pair it with long earrings and red lipstick

    • I will admit that is a very nice dress.

      What is a woman's appeal to flowy dresses?

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    • does flowy somehow mean it's a very feminine thing? is that why ladies like it? or maybe cause they get to twirl around in it?

      also curious why ladies like lace so much.

    • It looks graceful, the way the dress moves along with the body. Personally I like lace because it's intricate

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