Girls, Quality, cheap sports bras?

Okay Ladies! I'm starting to exercise more and I've been needing some new sports bras. I'm a 36b/c depending on the brand so I'm rather small/medium. I'd prefer to go into a store and try them on rather than order them, and I don't have many dollars to spend. Suggestions?


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  • Walmart is simple and plain jane. I like TJ max for bras just because its cheep and close to me. Sports bras... I'd maybe go Walmart just because its convenient & cheep.


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  • I run long distance runs and for running I have stuck with the Saucony brand. sports bras. I love the way they fit and support me when I am getting my miles, I am a b cup though so I don't have a lot of trouble with the bounce.. Lots of styles usually only three or four colors to choose from. I don't know if there is an actually store except in a big city where you can try them on, but I think they have a pretty liberal return policy.
    I don't know what you consider inexpensive, I generally pay $45 for my model

    good luck with exercising!

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