Good tasting fat free salad dressings?

I've tried a few different ones and I just can't find any FAT FREE salad dressings that taste good. Found a few reduced fat ones that were good but if I can, I'd prefer totally fat free. So, anyone know of any good fat free salad dressings?


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  • are you more into creamy or vinegrette

    • Both are good, depends on my mood.

    • I like fresh squeezed lime with salt and pepper,wishbone salad spritzers. I don't like fat free ranch but caeser is good.

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  • Fat free salad dressing, is pretty much water, sugar in 4 different forms (corn syrup, sugar, dextrose, fructose), and starch (flour or cornstarch).

    I'd rather use the real stuff in moderation.


    Is there a reason u want to specifically use fat free salad dressing?