Girls, is facial hair removal necessary for you?

so i heard some girls can grow quite a mustache. do you have to do something about it or is it not too bad for you?

  • I do shave because i´m self conscious
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  • i do it, cause it actually grows visibly
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  • i don´t do it, even though there is a slight stache.
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  • never heard of it / i don´t do it.
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  • Never done it. I don't grow a mustache lol.

  • Always had a tiny, very light blonde bit of hair on my lip but I never cared and no one else seemed to. Now I am older and my hormones are playing up my moustache does need removing. I hate it, it makes me feel ugly and disgusting.

    • xD yeah but luckily, there are ways to get rid of it :D

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    • I don't fancy having lasers attacking my face thank you.

    • XD yeah. i understand that.

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