Affliction T-Shirts?

Or shirts like them... They seem to be 'in' nowadays... If you're unfamiliar with them or the style of them, they are normal t-shirts that have these really "busy" designs on them. Sometimes they look like a phoenix-type bird or sometimes they have like this shimmering kind of material on them...

Idk, my friend wears them a lot and he gets a ton of girls lol. How do you girls feel about these sort of t-shirts? I try to dress classy and with a more mature/put-together style, but apparently that's not attractive at 19/20 years old. My friend insisted on getting some of these t-shirts...

Could a simple change in style turn my luck around with girls?


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  • I hate those shirts, I say stick to your own style besides even if you gave it a shot if your not completely comfortable wearing them your going to feel awkward and that may make you seem awkward. Just a thought.

    • Yes... but I feel like I gotta adapt to my age group. I don't have a problem with wearing t-shirts, but its just that I never was too crazy about the look. but I feel that if it's gonna get me more girls, might as well give it a shot.

      my friends say I dress too old for my age and theat it's most likely a turn-off for most girls.

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    • It's not that I wouldn't be comfortable, but I just... idk.

      I just wish I felt like I could just be me. I'm tired of waiting around for a girl to show me a bit of interest. I show interest too, but I never get it in return. :/

    • I understand that, try hanging around different places maybe with different people. I'm not at all saying ditch your friends just expand your horizon a bit see where life takes you, your young there's all kinds of things out there that you haven't tried yet, you never know when or where your someone will pop up..

  • it might give it a shot see if you like the style

    • Like it's kinda cool, but I kinda don't like it that much at the same time... I don't know if it'd look as good on me tho.

      worth a shot I guess... lol

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