How do I talk to a guy who I made eye contact with once or twice?

Okay so there is this guy in my history and seminar class and he's like pretty cute. The thing with this is that in my school we only have like 300 students because its a Gifted and Talented school, so anyways there are like 5 actual cute guys and him being one of them meaning a lot of girls are all flirty around him. I was looking around my history class once and I met my eyes with him and I sorta smiled but looked away quickly thinking he might think I like him or something, So I added him on MySpace and I'm terrified of what to talk to him about like I really want to talk to him but I'm sorta shy, especially since I'm like new sorta in my school and I don't want gossip going around. Please help me get his attention and some helpful hints on how to flirt with him without being too obvious (he is a basket ball player btw)


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  • Talk to him on MySpace it's always easier. then face to face