Is it more appealing to don whatever apparels that makes one look good or dress to look fashionable in accordance with the latest trend?


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  • tbh i don't really care about the latest trend

  • I think it is more appealing to don whatever fashionable apparels that make one look good. I don't care about brands or dressing to look fashionable in accordance with the latest trend. Even some of the pasar malam apparels can look terrific on the right persons :-)

    • Your comment does make good sense. (:
      Luxury brands to me don't hold appeal as well. I care morr for the fitting and design of the garment. Pasar Malam sadly doesn't offer a good variety of men's clothes. ):

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    • You hand-wash all your garments? Wouldn't that damage your tender skin? (caused by soap powder)

    • I never use soap powder because they are harsh on the skin and garments. I use mild liquid detergents like Top Indoor Drying (Super Colour) and Woolite which are gentle on the skin :- )

  • It's best to do both, if possible.

    If the current trends really don't suit you, go with something classic and understated.

    And for the love of god, no pleated front pants EVER.

    • Hahaha! okay then fashion police, I'll keep that in mind. xD

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    • Yeah, I get your point. I find these garments unappealing visually as well. I prefer a flat front pair of pants. I'm always in good fitting jeans and a slim fitting shirt, so pants really don't matter to me for now.

      Any suggestions on how one could make a folded long sleeve shirt more trendy on a skinny frame body? Apart from adding a scarf to the outfit.

    • Ugh. Scarves. No. No. Never do that.

      You just have to fold the sleeves in an interesting way. Like the way they do in American Eagle or J Crew ads. I don't know. Long sleeved shirts (especially with buttons) are pretty classic and always look good, providing they fit well. If you struggle to find shirts that fit you properly, take them to a tailor.

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