What kind of clothing do you think looks cute on short girls (4'10-5'3")?

I see a lot of clothing in mags and online that look better suited for taller chicks, but I'm curious about what would look good on short girls. Everytime I buy something and hope it'll look nice on me it just looks awkward since I'm not as tall as the person or maniquin they have the item on. That's why I'm asking. .3.

Feel free to post pictures.


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  • I'm surrounded by short girls living in Japan, and the general idea of what I find appealing on the exceptionally short ones (less than 5 feet, e. g.), is usually things that seem to push their waist upwards.

    Then might have a clothing that tapers a bit higher than the usual waistline, it kind of pushes the figure up and makes their legs look longer, things of this sort.

    Also, this is not a perverted suggestion, but sometimes shorter skirts do the trick. It's not to show off the goods, it's to kind of lengthen the perception of the line of the legs, matching the higher waist.

    Mostly I'd just say generally moving the waistline upwards, kind of trying to establish a lengthier figure below while shortening it above.

    That's based on a Japanese fashion and figure aesthetic though, but I think it works well.

    Another is just play off the cuteness of a short girl, get little matching purses and things like that. Sometimes it can help to wear clothes that drape over the entire body, match it with little cute things, play to the cute side that kind of tends to be stereotypically associated with being short.

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    • I'll give it a try, well, the skirt part anyway. I don't think my figure would work well with body suits.

    • Can you show like a photo of yourself, perhaps with head blocked out or something for anonymity? Or maybe a photo of someone else online from an image gallery that has similar proportions? I'm no fashion wizard but might help people get a better sense.

      That one mr90skid showed in the comment that hangs off the shoulder was also the type of clothing my friend Kana wore a lot, and it looked amazing on her, though I noticed you didn't want to show any skin.

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  • Dress up in a monochromatic style, meaning dress all in one color, for example all black from head to toe, and choose clothing with vertical strips. These two styles give the illusion of a more elongated silhouette, thus, making you look taller. High waisted anything whether it's shorts, skirts, or pants also help. Wear something that fits perfectly and avoid voluminous clothing as they can make you look bulky. Avoid things that tend to cut down your height such as big belts and cropped pants. One last tip, wear darker colors because they give a sleek appearance, just like the theory black gives a slimmer appearance, it can also elongate your body.

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  • There exist clothing lines and stores for petites. I d say dresses and skirts above the knee. Same color pants and shoes, nude heels with nude tights. same colour top and bottom clothes.

  • Well for me. The greatest outfit ever that I love is a tight tee with really baggy cargo pants. :D So basically anything like these.


  • I'm 5 feet and I wear a lot of skirts/dresses. I like wedges because they make me feel taller.

    • I love heels, skirts, and dresses, but I feel like they make my legs look stubby. xD

  • sweater dresses are cute, long sleeved cowl neck, with leggings and tall boots. Perfect for shorter girls :)

  • Uhm
    Im 5'1
    And wide leg jumpsuits tend to make me look taller.

  • Elf costumes? Leprechaun outfits?

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