How do I go about having a talk with this girl?

I've decided its about the only thing that is going to straighten this out , I really like her and I think she likes me but things are awkward at the moment and were not dating or anything . just a sense of awkwardness and lots of tension .

but I don't know how to go about it and don't want to in advance set up some kind of awkward meeting , I just want to find her and talk to her rate then and there and get my message across


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  • God I wish the guy I liked felt like this, very same thing, very awkward between us both of us know yet don't really know what to do. Only thing left to do is "talk" which - same as you - I don't want to have to "arrange" - I want to just run into him and talk. It's just gotten too awkward.

    Not much you can do but just what you say in your last line - just find her and talk to her on the spot - no pre-arranged meeting, makes it too awkward and nervous.

    Anyway good luck. Good luck to both of us!

    • Yeah the akwardness is a killer , I agree the pre-arranged meeting is just too awkard and could even be worse but maybe if I just talk her sometime soon things might work out

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  • Who is this girl? Have you gone on any dates? How long have you known her? How do you know her?

    Need some details.

    • I meet her about 2 months ago , when we first meet there was a real sense of attraction there and we both felt it . we haven't gone on any dates but I see her a lot at the gym where she works out and works as well . the whole thing has been kind of weird though , as some she is annoyed at me and others seems happy to see me . I really do want to date her and sort of annoyed at the progress made so far or lack of it

    • Well I wouldn't jump into the whole "I like you" discussion right away then. If anything, you should first ask her out on a date and see if the attraction is mutual. Although, if the only place you see her is the gym I wouldn't say your chances are great since attractive girls get hit on by muscle heads all day long at the gym (usually).

    • Well yeah it might not be best to have an I like you talk , and if we were to have lunch or something outside of the gym might be a good start. of course I'd have to ask her out first and she'd have to say yes . I don't think the gym thing hurts me as she's more of an average girl , cute but far from the hottest girl you'd see at that gym. she does talk to other guys but nothing came across to me as serious with them and some just freinds or co-workers.

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