How does everybody feel about Brooke Burke and Britney spears having foot fetishes?

Just curious to what you think. They both really like nice male feet. Britney spears has actually said in an interview that she likes to have her toes sucked. Brooke Burke never said anything like that in an interview but I'm sure she would like sucking and licking a guy's feet and toes.


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  • That's pretty cool, but how do you know it wasn't tongue in cheek?
    Most people don't talk about a lot of the kinky stuff that gets them hard/wet.


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  • It is quite a leap to go from "a like a guy to have nice feet" to assume that means full blown foot fetish and wanting to suck on guy's toes (on Brooke Burke's part).
    I could not care less about Britney. She's nasty. She recovered from the train wreck she was, good for her. I really could care less otherwise.

    As for Brooke? She can do what she wants.

    • They both said they have foot fetishes

    • that isn't what you said in your post. You said they both admitted to liking a guy to have nice feet. If they actually said "I have a foot fetish," that should have been part of what you said, but it was not.
      Besides, like I said, I couldn't care less about Britney. My comment of "nice feet" to "full blown foot fetish," was about Burke.

  • Not my business