What sort of signs should we look for in guys when they are interested in women?

Like what are the signs when a guys liked a girl how cab we know about his facial or body features? And what can we do about it?

See this is for me now, in high school right this guy used to stare at me quite allot actually but when I speak to him or look at him he couldn't look at my face, if I turned away he did, he was a shy guy but popular, so was he interested or not?


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  • usually a guy will at least make eye contact with the girl if he's interested or sort of check her out , that type of thing . or he will come over and try and talk to her

    • Or what if he has a girlfiend? Then you wiuldntthink he's interested in u, would u? Because it would be wrong lol, Iadked rhis question because many if my friends had simulkar problems :/

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  • Facial expressions. I know when I was in highschool I use to look at her and smile/laugh/giggle after every joke she said. This usually happened when I was with small group of people and I didn't have anything to say. Its funny now because I can spot it from a mile away.


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  • hmmm. . .maybe when you catch his eyes. WHEN EVERY TIME YOU LOOK AT HIM YOU FOUND HIS EYES LOOKING ON TO YOU TOO! and of course, you have this feeling, that it seems his eyes saying something. I'm not sure with my answer but for me it is proven and tested base on my own experience. ^^