Need some hairstyle ideas?

I am going to be a bridesmaid later this year and I want to do something pretty with my hair. I never do anything with it other than wear it down so I need some help! I don't want to use a lot of products so something fairly natural-ish.

Any ideas?

This is the dress I will be wearing and here is my hair:

Need some hairstyle ideas?


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  • ummm curly hair looks beautiful slightly wavy hair ;)

    • Well this has been blow dried, naturally it is wavy but I wanted something a bit more special.

    • if you want to look special most prefer the natural look. I think

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  • Lovely dress. 😯 I love everything about it - the color, the pattern, the shape, but especially the neckline and the back. I think a more vintage look would really suit it, as the dress already gives off that vibe.

    So something like this:
    Neat to keep the hair from looking too busy as the dress is already patterned, but curled and voluminous at the same time to balance out the flounce of the skirt.
    One side tucked in behind the ear or pinned up to the side with maybe a simple floral hair pin, if you're into that and won't be wearing earrings, and the fringe first curving up from the roots before coming down to a curl to keep it from looking limp and help really open up the face.
    And finally, side swept to show off the wonderful neckline and back.

    Also, I don't know what you're planning for your makeup, but I think red lips would look extremely nice with the dress. It would go so well with those little birdies. X)

    • That's a lovely style, thank you.

      I won't wear very much make up and red washes me out. I prefer a much softer look, usually opt for a vintage pink for my lips and a soft blush for eye shadow. Subtle and flushed :)

      I'm hoping to make some very small bird fascinators to match the dress.

    • Sure thing.

      Ohh, I was thinking of a bolder look, but that would work just as well - seems sweeter.

      That would be the perfect accessory! X)

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