Guys: what are your thoughts when girls wear eyeshadow? is it too unnatural for you?

like gray or purple eyeshadow like not natural makeup what do you think of it? do you think the girl looks weird or that she stands out and adds to her beauty even if its obvious she put make up on?


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  • It all depends, sometimes it looks good but sometimes it doesn't. Personally I don't really like it unless it for some special occasion (prom, dance, formal date, etc.). My girlfriend wears it every once in a while (very subtle though, just above the eyes, pink shade, rather natural) and this is alright, but still not my thing. Now, like I said, sometimes it looks good, but I don't know what you look like with or without it on, so I can't say personally for you.

    And everyone who looks at you looks at you differently. Your family will be your best bet on if you should or not, since they probably won't let you leave the house looking like a... You get the idea.


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