What does an unattractive girl look like to YOU?

in your opinion, what is not attractive? when you see a girls who looks like _______________________________ you don't want anything to do with her. what's hot, and what's not.


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  • well looks can be so deciving .

    anyways unattractive to me is someone who does not take care of themself .

    examples does not take care of her hair . is overweight and doing nothing to bring down her weigh or not woring out at gym lets say . wearing lets say uncared for clothes and they smell that be really bad. smells in general could be a turnoff so if she smelled bad that be unattractive . and missing teeth me another turnoff or really yellow teeth . yeah but anything along these ideas be unattractive .


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  • NOT: A girl who is insecure, high maintenance, b1tchy, has to rely on others to make decisions for her, easily influenced, ditzy, stuck up...oh yeah, AND every single girl who calls herself a "Guidette." (Girls who look like guys) Fake Tans, Bleached Hair, Bleached Teeth,

    HOT: down to earth, happy, cute smile, dresses conservatively, intelligent, doesn't cake up the make up...natural

    Basically if a girl is trying to hard to get attention...she's not hot. She's just dumb, cause crap attracts crap.

  • I really don't like girls who are overweight. I just don't I don't understand how you become that big, and I have no sympathy for it.

  • hm, well you're cute^^, so the opposite of you? =P

    lol, IDK, 400 pounds, bad teeth, bitchy, the usual =/

    in fact, a few girls at my school are like this =(, ugh =P


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