Girls, Need help for my wife?

This may sound dumb so I apologize. I've complained to my wife that she needs more than just 1 bra. She finally told me to just buy her new ones. Here's the thing. I know she thinks I'll just buy what's sexy. But I want to get her comfortable as well. So what's the best kind of bra to buy her that's comfortable and sexy/cute too?


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  • Look for lace wire-free bras. It's the underwire bras that are uncomfortable. Wire-free bras can still be really sexy, and are still comfortable.

  • I'd say with no wires under the cups, or with very comfy material. Do u have a victorias secret where ur at? If u walk in, and ask someone to help u find a comfy one, they'll show u the most best ones. I have like 4 bras from there and I adore them all.

    • If feel completely weird going in there by myself looking for bras lol

    • I'd *

    • Lol why, I actually see a lot of guys in there shopping for their wives or gf's :)