Do guys like girls who are barefaced or have natural looking makeup on?

When I hear guys say they like girls who wear no makeup, they always point to the one who's wearing nude makeup and say ew to girls who are completely makeup free. So here's my question, are guys lying when they say they like natural beauty but really want a girl to wear natural/nude makeup or are they telling the truth?

I don't have baby smooth skin and I don't need to wear foundation, and I never had acne before because of my genetics or acne scars. I'm Asian, so I have the natural glowing tanned skin and I only need to wear eyeliner and fill in my eyebrows, but my cheeks are naturally rosy so no need for blush, and my facial structure is already nicely structured so contouring isn't needed. But when I'm barefaced, I really don't change in appearance.


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  • I like the appearance of light/subtle/nude/no make up, how it is achieved is of no matter to me.


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  • Guys only like no makeup if you have naturally perfect skin.
    If you have acne or acne scars, they don't want to see it.

    • I definitely don't have acne or acne scars. The worst thing I ever had on my face are white heads or a pimple or two, but I've been exfoliating my face and using toner, so my face basically looks flawless aside from tiny bumps on my forehead I'm trying to get rid of desperately.

    • You're lucky!

    • I'm just lucky lol I'm half Asian and my mum's good skin genetics was passed onto me. Also, I have a golden tan so it's my job to make sure my sun kissed tan is glowing and natural without makeup.

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  • They just want it to be very light and not caked on


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  • I've asked this question before. Guys like a more natural look, but from what I understand, guys like it when girls are good at putting on makeup.

    • I'm literally just signed up like 10 minutes ago and it was a burning question I needed to get off my chest. Sorry if you thought I stole your question.

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    • My skin is pretty clear compared to most girls, and I don't need to cake my face with makeup since I have the sun kissed tan, natural rosy cheeks and I can pull off just a cat eye and some striking colored lipstick and fill in my eyebrows a little, and I look good. My face doesn't really change except looking a little more youthful and glowing when I'm barefaced. It's in my genetic code to have good, anti aging skin. So I was just wondering if the whole guys loving truly natural beauty is true, which I guess isn't true lol

    • I think guys can appreciate a pretty face especially in the morning. Particularly at your age though, most guys don't know what real girls look like under all that makeup.