How to set foundation WITHOUT powder?

I have to go out tomorrow and it's already too late here so no shop wiould be open. I realized that my setting powder has finished. My skin is not THAT oily, but it's a combination skin. I have got foundation and concealer, but is it important to use powder? My face kinda look cake-y with powder.


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  • do you have a face primer? or a pore cream?

    • I have got a moisturizer. That's all. :(

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    • It's already late here. No shop would be open so late. Do you think a good foundation can last for at least 3-4 hours?

    • depends on the word "good" if you have like an 8 hour foundation then your face won't go as oily during the date.

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  • I use Mario badescu facial spray with aloe. It's actually nice and doesn't cake my face. I think it's $7