Girls what's more attractive?

A guy who does his best too look good, nice haircut good fashion sense etc or a scruffy guy who isn't concerned about his appearance?


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  • Its a hard one because we all have different ideas and taste of a man so I dnt think really you can dress or act a certain way if your someone type it works

    • Well what's yours then?

    • To be honest I don't have a type as in the way people look I have to connect with them and not to be arrogant but to be a gent 😊

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  • It depends... On what what style is. I've found myself easily attracted to the second type much more often, because the first type is almost always just too preppy.

    • Preppy? Only one style

    • Any style that's too much work - is off putting.
      And yes, mostly guys who put so much effort into their appearance are usually preppy. Which is also off putting to me.

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