Ladies, would you like to see this kind of style at the beach?

  • Girl, and I would like to see this
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  • Girl, and I wouldn't like to see this
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  • Girl, and I would, but not on my man, only to check out other guys
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  • Guy, and I'd wear it
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  • Guy, and I wouldn't wear it
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Lol at the two (and counting?) guys who identify as girls!


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What Girls Said 5

  • Well that's just ridiculous. A normal speedo is fine... but this... Ridiculous.

  • i voted B i wouldn't

  • Nah, doesn't look good.

  • Nah.. I'm not a fan..

  • They are gross

    • Gross? Actually? Without offending, May I ask why?

    • @multilevel they are very revealing

    • is it that is grosses you out because you are not used to seeing a guy dressed like this?
      or are you afraid of your own inhibition?
      Girls have been known to wear the same kind of bottoms, so how is it any different if a guy wears it?
      Can you answer without your mind going into the gutter?
      If you can't answer without your mind going into the gutter, it is because you have no self-control, and not having self-control is at no fault of whoever is wearing said article of clothing.
      In fact, lots of guys or so called men have the same issue and use the same tactic that women should not dress so revealing.
      So is it fair to tell females such as yourself that you should go out completely covered, or made to put on more clothing; or should we tell people to control themselves, or should we tell people that if they don't like what they see, Don't look?

What Guys Said 1

  • I wear swim briefs smaller than those to the pool, and I have had more compliments from women, than complaints from Guys, No complaints from women, and a hand full of compliments from guys.
    What I find is that the guys who complained are usually there with their female counterpart, therfore displaying a signe of insecurity.
    The compliments from women are usually those of single women, and or women who are in a secure marriage. I know this because they will have the courtesy to introduce me, because we are at a pool, and quite naturally, people are close to each other.
    The guys who compliment, I can only take that they are secure in their masculinity, or they are openly gay, which really doesn't matter to me, as long as they respect my boundaries.