Whats with shallowness?

I mean really, how important are looks?

i dun look all that good in my opinion,

other people seem to disagree, it always feels like a lie.

i hate the way I feel about myself.

except when I'm with my loverboy. [=

he makes me feel perfect. Though I know I'm no where close.

gawwwd, but people can be hella shallow nowadays.

it's so not right. >-<

what causes that?


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  • I do agree - nowadays many people don't look a lot deeper than face value. But I think more people do than are given credit for.

    i don't think looks on the whole are important, but I do think it is important for there to be some sort of physical attraction between partners, even if that is through confidence, or grown over time. Personality is a lot more important in my books.

    honestly I think people have always been shallow- and we are entitled to be at times. We shouldn't feel obliged to be perfect all the time. I think there are a lot of people who act shallow nowadays as part of the whole front which is considered important to a lot of people - but in fact honestly they are not.

  • Looks are important, as shallow as it may sound. They are important because that's what causes the initial attraction between two people. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and different preferences though so I think that everyone is beautiful in somebody's eyes. We are our toughest critics and how we see ourselves is different than how others see us. We tend to overlook our good qualities because we tend to focus on our flaws. It's almost like being blinded. I think if you look at yourself with the blinders off and focus on your good qualities, you'll see yourself through your loverboy's eyes. You'll see what he sees in you and feel better about yourself. There's nothing wrong with being confident hun. It doesn't make you conceited so by all means, let yourself shine!

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