I really want a piercing but my mom won't let me?

I reallllllly want another ear piercing, but my mom said no. by the way this is an Indian mom so obviously they say no. she said I could have a nostril piercing but honestly I don't want that, it would change a lot to my face and it is kinda tradition to get one, but she strictly said no, and if I mention it again then she won't buy me anything I want ever again. Any advice?


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  • I would just leave it alone until you are able to make those decisions on your own. It seems annoying for her to say no now, but just give it time. :) hang in there.

  • Listen to your mom. Her home, her rules.

    • If I wanted that opinion, I would tell u. But I didn't so tell me something more useful other than that.

    • Sweetheart, there isn't anything more useful. It's her home. She makes the rules. That's the reality of it. What kind of answers did you want? That we would hold your mom hostage until she agrees to let you do something she's not okay with? Would that make you feel better? If you don't want an honest answer don't ask the question, especially not one with such a black and white answer

  • Wait until you're 18.