A non-standard highlights for a light brown hair?

Which color matches a light brown shade of hair?

By 'color' I mean something like blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, green..or sth like that.


My hair color; link

...even though at the ends it's almost all blond...

I know pink goes well with this colored hair, but my favorite colors are purple, or blue perhaps for this...so either taking that into consideration/or not if you don't wish to limit yourself in this response/, which color should I streak my hair with?

Just one color, and just a few strands.

What do you think?



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  • Purple ! :-D


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  • I would stick to pink or purple. Any other color is either going to require you bleaching your hair ahead of time to produce the right color or getting ugly undertones from your natural color. If you put pink directly onto that color of hair, it will come out as a darker magenta, and purple will be a darker plum. Purple would definitely be the prettiest because it won't be so shocking and when the right light hits it, it'll look nice. Even a nice teal at the bottom of the hair would look good. Use something semi-permanent. Good luck!

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