Is it possible for a guy to like a girl even if the girl dresses in a way the guy doesn't find attractive?

I would like to know what most guys think about this, please. OK, here's the situation. I really like this guy. But I heard that he likes it when a girl dresses a certain way; for example, he doesn't like it when a girl wears shiny clothes, and he likes when a girl wears short skirts. He also likes a girl who wears simple things. But I wear shiny clothes sometimes (I own only one shiny jacket), I don't like wearing short skirts, and sometimes I like being dressy, but I also like being simple too. Now, because I like him so much, does that mean that I have to change my dressing habits? I like to think that I am an interesting, and nice girl. Would he like me if I do something nice for him, rather than dressing up to the way he'd like it?


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  • Nope. If my woman isn't wearing a garbage bag, an astronauts helmet, with matching high heels its over.

    Clothes are like the cherry on top of a sundae. We don't order the sundae because of the cherry, and were not going to eat the a crap sundae just because of the cherry.

    Its way more important that you have a nice face, and a good body. Clothes simply accentuates the fact that you have a good body. Unless you wear clothes that are baggy/black to hide it. But everyone knows what you're doing, so just go work out and wear a little makeup.

  • it really shouldn't matter


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