Re do my roots or dye whole head?

Ladies ( and gents if you dye your hair) I have a question.

I've been dying my hair dark brunette for 6 months now and I recently started doing it from home ( salon is way to exepnsive) and the last time I did it ( 4 weeks ago) I had to re do my whole head because the color faded so badly. My question is: Do I need to re do my whole head in another few weeks? my roots aren't bad now, maybe less than an inch at most. What if my whole head isn't as faded then?


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  • What color is your natural hair?

    • blonde

    • Hmm... I think that you really shouldn't dye your hair again so soon and the blonde roots can kind of give you a cool look since all the ombré stuff is in rn.

      I'd leave the roots and research how to make your color last better or look into colors that your hair can grow into better.