How often do you girls do this?

Suppose a guy walks by your group of girls,

and they look/stare at him which is then followed by whisper and laughter.

How often is it you guys making fun of him, and how often is it you think he's hot?

Its actually a 2 part question.

How often is it when women talk and then stop when a guy enters the room that they were talking about him, and how often is it positive, how often is it negative?


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  • its always a good thing if theyre talking about one wants to make fun of someone or say anything negative, it makes themselves look like a bad person and its just mean and rude...usually girls whisper like that because they find you cute or hot or goodlooking and are interested...

    • This is all assuming that girls are THEMSELVES even when around their friends, which is definitely not true lol. seriously, girls change depending on if they are by themselves or not. The ones at work do it and it couldn't be more annoying..

    • Well then they are pretty immature and not someone you should be interested in...i was referring to a mature girl/woman of substance...which there are many out there, women mature faster than men usually...i know for myself and my close girlfriends when we whisper about a guy when he walks in a room its always something good..

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  • it really depends on what he looks like.

    If he's hot, then we usually giggle and talk about who he looked at, then tease her. :]

    If he's not hot, then we talk about what's wrong with him, and how he may be alone for the rest of his life. Or what could be done to make him look better.

    it's usually ... a good thing if one or more of the girls check the guy out. that's a huuuuge hint about the following actions. if there's no checking-out, then be prepared for the worst.

    • That's tough to do since you women will usually look in a mirror when you check out a guy.

      Or turn away just as his head turns towards the group.

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    • Sometimes. But usually its just the old "opps look at that, I -accidently- bumped into you!" Or the whole- "are my boobs brushing your arm?" Or even better, "i think ill stand really really close to him and I hope he talks to me."

    • Ha at least she was being honest. the other answers that say "i wouldn't talk down about someone, its a waste of time".....people must waste a lot of time then, and yes even girls.

  • well do you think there's a reason for them to make fun of u? if not then they mite hav been saying sumthing positive about you and if they stopped just as you walked in it mite have had sumthing to do with u

  • most of the time its positive. I wouldn't waste time talking about someone I didn't like. it probably wouldn't even catch my attention, so no need to stop talking to my friends ^^ hope that helps.

  • sometimes one or more of the girls think he's cute and we're teasing her..."go get your man" or something or sometimes the guy could be ugly and we're joking on him


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