Girls, Hair dye, only do roots or whole head?

I've been dying my hair red for awhile now but now instead of going to the salon I buy box dyes now ( used to go to salon but it's to expensive) Last month I got a very beautiful shade that I love and it's been 6 weeks and my roots are maybe a inch, or a bit less. Not to noticble. The thing with red hair is the fade but so far my hair hasn't been fading much at all so when I dye my hair again should I do my whole head when my roots are more noticable? I'm thinking in 2-4 weeks I'll dye it again. I am terrified that only doing a root touch up will make the roots way darker than the rest of my hair. When I dyed it last month my hair was so faded it was disgusting so I didn't have any doubt I should do the whole head.

Sorry if I'm rambling, I just need some advice.


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  • I can never get just my roots the same shade as the rest of my hair. It always seems to be slightly off and it drives me crazy. I dye mine red as well and red is really hard to match roots to length, for me anyway. Even when I do it all I do the developer and color first on my roots and then my length to even it all out.

    • Basically I should just do my whole head? last time my hair went from a dark copper to a orange blonde mess once it faded so the box dye I got was loreal intense copper and it clung to my hair beautifully. I might just wait for the red to fade before dying so it all comes out even.

    • Yeah, I would do it all together. Sucks waiting though 😛

    • I'm sure within the next month it will be faded enough to do my whole head lol

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