How do I tell her?

First the good news. My girlfriend is super skinny and I LOVE it!

Now the awkward bit... in some dresses her 'mound' shows through quite prominently. I dont know if she knows and ignores it, or just has no idea its so visible? Help!

I've cropped this shot a lot but you can see what I mean. To me it's actually a turn on but I've got to say something!!

What should I do?How do I tell her?


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  • Why do you have to say something? Can you just leave it alone?

    • Yeah I suppose but just doesn't seem right. What would you want to happen in this situation?

    • @LateNightss has it absolutely right. It's normal and it's just part of the body. As girls we spend a lot of time examining ourselves contemplating whether we look good or not. She knows about it, so there's no need for you to say something when there isn't an issue.

  • I didn't know vaginas did this and have no clue whether it's a socially acceptable thing or not. It looks like she's laying down on the floor, does the mound bump thing only happen at that angle? How often does she wear dresses? I don't think it's really a problem that needs you to address it. If you do, you could just compliment her on it so that 1) you don't get in trouble / offend her as it's a compliment 2) draw her attention to the fact that it's noticeable but leave it up to her to decide if it's something she wants to change 3) it's a compliment so should flatter her?

    • Yeah she's laying down in this shot but it's definitely still visible when standing up. She also gets a 'bikini bridge' when laying down but that seems on trend at the moment!!
      1. It looks the most prominent in dresses due to their fit.
      2. She wears them every couple of weeks
      3. I love the idea of simply complimenting her and saying how much I like what I'm seeing. You're right as she can them make up her own mind whether it's an issue or not.

      Thank you.

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  • Seriously, it's not anything worth worrying about because it's normal and you should leave it alone. There's no need to tell anyone because its part of the female form and this is visible with tight jeans as well as other outfits like yoga pants so just let it be.

    • Fair comment. Other girls must get it, just not something I've ever noticed or looked for!

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