Is it possible to get girls if you're not a very witty guy?

I just can't think of witty, flirty things to say all the time.

Details will help, thanks. (If I can do it without being very witty, how should I go about it?)


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  • Hellllllllllllll yes.

    >>>>>>>>>>> BE UNIQUE! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    - Mystery is a good trait

    - Humor is a GREAT trait

    - Confidence is an awesome trait

    Mix all of that in your own style dude. If I feed you examples, you'll be imitating me. Practice practice practice. Just picture yourself getting the ladies before you even go anywhere (to boost your confidence), then have fun with the situation.

    AVOID behaving in ways that seem like you are:

    - Sending sexual innuendos when she hasn't initiated them.

    - Acting like an asshole, disrespecting her or otherwise

    - Being a cookie-cutter routine of all the other guys


    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Thanks man. But if I'm really clueless about flirting, won't I come off as awkward or "just a friend" at best? Assuming the convention that it's the guy's job to escalate the interaction, how will it ever become an intimate relationship?

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    • Wow...Thanks so much my friend for taking the time to write all of this, I wholeheartedly appreciate it, haha. Hope you've had a chance to catch your breath. Feel free to message me anytime, and I'll do the same if I think of any follow up questions to ask, but I'll be chewing on this for a while.

    • Haha for sure man, send your messages my way. *Gasps for air*

      *Exhale*... Trust me dude, it's a lot of info, but only make SMALL moves. One step at a time, otherwise this all seems overwhelming.

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  • Having wit's is not everything. Remember that every person's personality is unique and different. There's no "code" or a certain way your suppose to act. Simply be yourself.

    • Thanks Littletad. Unfortunately I'm one of those guys who was never able to catch a break with girls or even making friends just by "being myself." And I know that to be "more than friends" with a girl, I'll have to flirt through conversation at some point, which I'm entirely clueless about.

  • Yep.

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