What dress would suit my body type?

I'm 16 and a little on the chunky side. I'm a size 12-14 UK (8-10 US, 40-42 EU) and my worst part is my belly in my opinion. I'm quite happy with my legs, they aren't very fat but yet I don't have a thigh gap either! My boobs are average size (B cup). I would also say I'm an average height.
Im going to a party in a couple weeks and I'm looking for something to wear but I'm not sure where to start! Would anyone have any suggestions to any type of dress that might suit me? Colour or pattern isn't really an objective, I'm mainly wondering about shape, fit, style etc.
also, I'm looking for a short dress, not a long ball gown!
Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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  • just chose clothes really make yourself feel comfortable and confidence...
    white skirts is suits most of girls.. it let people feel innocent and bright


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  • Welcome to my club! HAHAH! lol Your average!


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