Should I dye my hair?

I have never done it before, and I don't know if I should now, so I leave it up to you.

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  • I Was never allowed to dye my hair and still aren't and I'm 26, my aunt is a hair dresser so she can tell you that destroying your hair will cause you to become bald or other things she has said. ... which I can't seem to remember now 🤔.

    but it's up you.. get highlights or something, that's what I have.

    • Do you really think dying it a couple of times would have such a detrimental effect?

    • of course, it's hair.. it's alive. I highlight mine twice a year. that's how it should be done. if you don't have any grey hairs you should NOT color your hair.

    • Okay, thanks for the advice.

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  • Why not...
    You can always go back to your natural hair color. =)

  • If you find a good colour and want a change, why the hell not. It can be reversible.

  • If you want to, then sure why not?