Anyone familiar with hair salons in Vegas?

I'd love to have my hair done for my friend's party - where's suppoused to be the best salon? I don't want all those fancy-clamsy places for rich people! Just to have my hair done - that's all! Thank you!


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  • Damn I miss Vegas.. Yeah I know, least helpful opinion :(


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  • I miss Vegas, too! Who can't miss Vegas can't feel anything at all! :) You should visit - it's a new salon down there, people talk a lot of good things about it and you should try it, as well! All in all, the reviews are very good, so feel free to get beautiful there :) We'll be waiting for some pics to prove that! Good luck! :)

    • Thank you! I think, that's just what I need! Hope there're friendly and professional people, so that I wouldn't feel disappointed. Good luck! Photos will be here soon! :)