Girls, Do you strongly feel men should indulge in body hair removal?

Men are a hairier gender than the women and hence should wax their body before exposing them in public. As in men should wax their legs or arms before wearing shorts or short sleeves in public, wax their chest, abs and back if they are exposing it at the beach or pool.

Hairless bodies are sexier more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and soothing to the eyes and can / will attract more women.


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  • What? No! Why? Body hair is cool. I don't think anyone should have to shave if they don't want to. It's their own body.
    Anyway I prefer people who have body hair, as they tend to smell better during... Well intimate encounters (if they take of their hygiene that is)

    • Smell good? What? You are saying quite the opposite of other girls!

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    • LoL. No one would do something like that. You are worrying over stuff that is nigh impossible.

    • ;p :) okay

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