Makeup help please?

I've worn makeup for years, I don't wear much but what I do wear makes a difference I feel. I usually like to play around and do different things with makeup but my problem is no matter if I spend half hour or 5 mins doing my makeup it all just looks the same. I see a lot where girls do their makeup and it looks professionally done and really good and I'm just curious what type of makeup routine do you have? What products do you use? How long does it take to do your makeup? I've been trying to watch videos and learn online and I've got a lot of good tips just maybe need different or more products or something I don't know. Any info would be helpful


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  • It takes me anywhere from 7 minutes to 20 minutes. I love the NYX products. They're reasonably priced and they work very well. I use the eye crayon in Milk as the base for my eyeshadows. It makes the colors pop a lot more :)

  • finding out your skin type will help a lot to decide what will be good on you

    • I guess I have normal skin, it's not dry or oily and I rarely break out

    • so you choose products according to your preferences, if you want a more matte or a more sparkly look

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