Can you help 31 year old build a new wardrobe that isn't just tshirts?

Hi... I had a baby two years ago and gained lots of weight. I've since lost that and finally feeling great about myself, but I've noticed I've gotten into quite the slump regarding my clothes. Fitted tees and jeans are pretty much all I wear. I posted my body on here about a month ago...

So you can see I have a big chest and narrow hips. I'm currently working on finding my butt lol

i can't wear anything that isn't fitted or it ends up "hanging" off of me because of my chest. I don't have skinny arms either (not fat but my genetic bone structure) so that adds to me no looking thin if I'm wearing a baggy top.

i have a two year old so everything has to work with flats.. It's just practical.

I have no idea what is trendy these days. I'd like some flattering sophisticated clothing that I can wear and feel like a sexy woman in but also works with chasing after a high energy toddler.

I live in a warm to very hot climate.

can you please give me some suggestions that can help me get my sexy back? I want to be a fun sexy mommy whose clothes reflect that rather than my current boring thirty something mother look lol

oh... I also don't want to look like a 30 year old trying to relive her twenties either which is another reason I am here... Please help!!

pics/links to certain clothing pieces and all that good stuff is very welcome and appreciated!


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  • Love your body. Try the Pyramid collection

    • Thanks for the compliment but what is the pyramid collection?

    • It's a clothing line that has flowing dresses like from fantasy. Think fairies, good witches, Stevie Nicks

    • I haven't heard of that before but I'll take a look! Not so sure about witches though lol thanks for responding :-)

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