Why is size 0 frowned upon?

Last week when I walked into an Abercrombie store to grab a shirt for my friend, a overheard a group of teenage girls saying why would any buy a size 0 pants since no one can fit into them. They also made fun of girls who wear this size. I was actually shocked to hear this and didn't say anything as I wear a size 0 and naturally thin.

Why would anyone make of individuals who wear a size 0 in pants?


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  • Jealousy, I'd wadger.
    Caddy girls are terrible.


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  • Generally, when you're used to being a certain size, it's hard to imagine being another. For example, I'm a size zero as well---always have been. Can't imagine being big enough to fill a pair of pants, say, 6 sizes larger, simply because I've never been that size! In the similar sense, someone who is used to be thicker and has naturally been the majority of their life may not even be able to fathom fitting easily into jeans as small as mine.

    Of course, that's not an excuse for speaking negatively or rudely about other sizes. I don't go around criticizing every pair of size 8 pants I see. I recognize that women come in different sizes and that's nothing to be mean and immature about. Just ignore those silly girls.


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  • They are insecure about themselves. Are you really 27 as your profile says? You should be way past that age where what others say actually matters.


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  • They're probably just jelly. I wore a zero until after I had kids lol