Best dress neckline (s) to bring attention to large bust (with little cleavage) and away from short/wide neck, broad shoulders, and chubby upper arms?

I've been researching appropriate dress/wedding gown necklines but can't seem to find one source that can give me all the information that I need. From what I've found, it seems like a v-neck would meet all of my needs, but I'm hoping there are some fashion conscious people on here who can give me some tips. Thanks!


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    Sweetheart, scoop, v neck or surplice with cap sleeves.

  • A sweetheart neckline tends to be pretty flattering. The best thing to do is to just go and try stuff on, even if you think it will look bad.

  • Maybe empire styled dresses?
    That seems to bring out the bust and hide the shoulders. :-?

    • I'm only talking about the neckline, not the dress style. I'm already planning on A-line for that. Thanks for the suggestion though!