What should I wear? 👗👒👑?

Hey everyone!!!
I have a crush on someone. Yesterday he asked me to go the movies with him. I accepted his invitation. I want to wear something sexy and gorgeous. Can anyone suggest some really sexy dresses which I can wear.
Please reply fast!!!

Tight t shirt and jeans is good... But it's a bit unfashionable in the UK.
My friends and relatives say I don't look good in over-sized clothing.
I am thinking to wear a crop top and shorts... Will that be okay.


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  • You can wear a tight t-shirt & jean.


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  • To the movies in a sexy dress? Kinda weird, but okay. xD I say wear a cute little black dress - timeless.

  • A dress to the movies? I'd rather not. In my experience, guys seem to find over-sized clothing cute. Maybe an over-sized sweater with a black skater skirt. Also, I wouldn't show off too much cleavage, he may think you're trashy. Good luck x

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