How to draw attention from girls in a farewell party?

I'm 5.9 ft tall and have a slightly athletic build. Girls, I would love to get some interesting tips from you to impress girls in the party:
1. What should I wear as it's in summer and the party is at night? (What about a unbuttoned brown shirt with a white V neck t-shirt and jeans)
2. Beard/ Clean shaven ( Though I am 15 but have a beard).
3. How to approach them and the special one.( They are my classmates but I haven't talked to them properly ever in my school years. I am just a little bit shy and nerdy).
4. Any other tips as you would like.


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  • 1. The outfit said u would wear is really good
    2. A clean shaven face always attracts me... And some with most of the girls..
    3. As they are ur classmates... U just have to be yourself and start a discussion on a common topic.
    4. And to the special one, u can start by saying how beautiful she looks... And go on enjoying talking to her...
    At last, nothing else but GOOD LUCK!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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  • Step 1: Don't be ugly

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