Would you hate on a guy who wears black knee pads with is green cargo pants?

i keep getting from a few members of my family like my knee pads the the grandest of all evils... normaly, i don't make rants, but this hate over nothing is simply ridiculous!!!

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nice to a few people who are rational honestly, is this such an evil outfit: scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/.../...57309702_n.jpg ?
sadly, it seems that most voting ''yes'' wonder how many have tats?


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  • Where are you wearing this outfit...

    • wherever i want to. people say it's fine for clubing... don't want nothing to with that kinda life... would give them an legitimate reason to dump all this hate on me. hell, my uncle's hating on them... and he has figgin tattoos for pete sake! i love him, but that's simply hipcrytical... wonder he'd say if i said ''oh yeah? well i think your tats are trashy''? i'm not normally like that... but is just ludicrous!

    • aside from things like religious gathering.

    • That's pretty weird. It's okay to wear that is you're working on your knees but otherwise you need to leave the kneepads at home. It's not good to wear them all the time and you're going to end up with a blood clot in your leg or something.

  • Yup haha! Not hate just confused!

  • I might encourage him to find some more stylish clothing, but I would not be purposefully cruel.


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