Girls, Are you liking the current fashion trend of beards?

It seems some sort of beards are currently in trend even among young men. Most models and men in magazines are also sporting beards. They have thick beards but waxed bodies.
Are you liking it?
As a guy I feel it's creeyp!


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  • Love the beards!

    So manly and masculine, can not be dealing with these girly men these days!

    Also men who wax/shave their chests? Sort it out!

    • You love beards, I mean actual thick and full beards, not long ones but yeah thick and full well kept beards that's currently doing the trends?
      Well every male actor and model waxes his body and keeps a beard, that's current trend!!
      Do you like male body hair including chest and belly hair?

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    • I dont know why you keep questioning my opinion. I am not bothered by hair, you clearly are so keep shaving/waxing whatever you are doing to keep yourself happy.

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  • I'm not really a fan of beards. I like some stubble though.

  • Nope. not a fan of it at all.

  • No, not that much.


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