Am I just not all...?

I have read how girls flirt with guys and such, and if they find a guy to be even the slightest bit appealing they will look at them. Then the whole flirting thing starts.

But no matter where I go, what I do, I never see girls looking at me. And if they notice me looking at them they look away quickly, and I give up and quit looking.

So does this mean not a single girl, out of a campus of 30,000 students finds me attractive...even in the slightest? :(

LOL why such the low rating for my question? Seriously, this is a serious question and I need help...


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  • Not necessarily. You could be giving out some body language that turns girls off. Smiles are always helpful and a relaxed posture, not worried. Don't look around a lot because that makes you seem desperate. You should try talking to girls also instead of just focusing on how they look. Get to know them better. Hope that helped!

    • I don't know how my body language is any different than the dudes getting all the looks from girls...

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    • At my age personality means nothing! I'm not generally a shallow guy, meaning I find 80% of girls out there attractive in some way... But the only girls that would care about personality would be the 240 pound, snaggle tooth, manly-girls...

    • Why would you think that? You have some messed up views about what girls will think of you

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  • I look away when any guy looks at me, whether he's attractive or not. It's just sort of a reflex for me so, I dunno, maybe the girls you've looked at are doing the same thing I would do. It doesn't mean you're not attractive so don't worry ;)

    • How many other girls do the same thing? Maybe it's just you that looks away as a reflex. Maybe everyone else looks away because I'm ugly/unattractive to them?

    • Definently not! I do it too

    • Yup, see, and I know lots of other girls that do the exact same thing. Usually girls will try to look at a guy when he's not looking, so you may have girls looking at you and you just don't know it.

  • Well, if girls aren't finding you attractive, win them over with your personality. If a girl drops her books, help pick them up. Open doors for girls. We like that kind of stuff.

    • I gave you a thumbs down because you didn't really answer the question....

    • "So does this mean not a single girl, out of a campus of 30,000 students

      finds me attractive...even in the slightest? :("

      My answer is no. I'm sure at least ONE girl finds you attractive.

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  • Bro I fell your pain, I once was in your boat. Pretty much all my high school years, its all about vanity with women. And I've been on both sides of the spectrum, had a spinal cord injury in my early 20's from a millitary deployment. Ask me how many women gave me the light of day as a cripple, very few I can count it in one hand from 2 1/2 years with a cane. Now that I just recovered the attention is ridicoulous, more than college because I'm "toned". But having been on the other side I learned to appreciate personallity over looks. Most are self consious hence subsconsiouly theyll expect someone who is the opposite of them, as is the innate character of women to seek a masculine man for protection and security. Logic has an influence but hormones and pheremones drive the primitiave behaviours of womens limbic system and amygdala, primitive brain centers which are unaffected by higher cognitive reasoning. Mens neurochemistry is similar but different hormoes react with different portions of the brain. In a nutsell, become the man you want to be embrace it to the fullest. Because if your not happy its time for change, good luck bro

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