What characteristics do you want your soul mate to have?

you can think of being cute


but what you really care the most?

accepting who your are is the foremost to most but

what you would like to see in your loved one

that you adore and die for?

his what quality/or qualities attract you the most


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  • What I'm looking for.

    i want a guy that's older then me, not to tall.. somewhat cute but that's not everything.. I want a guy that's a real MAN because iv dated alota guys that were models and more girlly then I was...i want a guy that's at least in his 30s.. has to love kids . be mature.. can't be a drunk and needs to love god.. has to have a good head on his shoulders and can't be a druggie.. can't be selfish.. needs to make me a priority not an option.. respect me and cherish me and DONT ever cheat or betray me..Has to have SOme what of a sence of fashion if not its okay.. opposiittes attract.. I want him to be between 5'8-5'11 and I can't stand guys that are skinny.. I like built ! I like confidence and I hate shy guys, I want a guy that likes to talk and doesn't judge.. will talk to anyone but knows his limitations..cant be a mamas boy, needs to be independent and needs to know what he wants and not let others influence him..needs to have a strong mind...and has to be smart.. I hate dumb asses.


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  • I want someone who accepts me for who I am and who loves me and my flaws. I want someone I can trust and be proud to call mine. I want someone who is protective of me, but who always wants the best for me. I want someone who makes me laugh and who I can love unconditionally.

    I want someone I can be my most vulnerable with, but feel incredibly secure at the same time.

  • Trust

    A love for God

    Respect (towards me, himself, and people in general)

    Being a good listener (he can be a good talker too, as long as he's a good listener)

    Being there for me when I need him

    Willingness to work hard (at work, school, whatever he's committed to)

  • Someone who loves me for me. and I dnt have do anything to make that person love me.

  • Adores and cherishes me





    Hard working




    Someone I can fully trust and feel comfortable with

    My best friend

    Physically and sexually attractive

    Great in Bed

  • well considering that you can't choose ur "souls mate" you can choose your mate but not ur souls...

    • You can chose your soulmate they are not made in pairs

      they become pairs in life

      yes mates are absolutely your choice

    • I like this a lot. You might just miss your real soulmate with the blueprint in front of your face

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  • 1. Trust...

    If you can't trust the other person as much as you trust yourself, then they are NOT your soul mate!

    2. Interests...

    If they have the same interests as you do, enjoy the same past times and express the same values, attitude and morals as you, then they are most likely your soul mate.

    3. You don't have sex, you make love...

    Huge difference. If you feel no romantic connection when having sex, then she is not your soul mate. Sorry.

    4. Unconditional love.

    You love each other regardless of what may happen in the future. You see yourself with them at marriage and when you have kids. You see yourself loving them even if they are amputated, horribly disfigured, or physically limited - such things do not matter because you are part of each other's soul!

    5. The signs...

    If you see signs from a greater good indicating that she is, indeed, the one for you... then she is your soul mate. For example, the girl I am dating (I wouldn't call her my soul mate just yet, we are still going on coffee dates and light things like that, don't wanna take it too serious just yet) is almost exactly like me - we are both French, both like extreme sports, hiking, etc. We like the same music, enjoy the same types of food, have the same outlooks in life and are both the same Zodiac sign (Libra-Libra). She was born six days before my 12th birthday. Prior to our meeting, I constantly saw "66" everywhere... 6 + 6 = 12. The two sixes give balance to 12, and the Libra is a SCALE. I would very much like to think that it was a meeting of fate instead of chance because we are just too much a like in so many ways to not be.

    6. The connection...

    If you do not feel a deep sense of connection on a mental, emotional or spiritual level then chances are she/he is not your soulmate. Believe me, when you MEET HIM/HER, you will KNOW THAT SHE IS YOUR SOULMATE! There are no questions. . . . . .

    I leave you with these words, "Don't ask questions, but rather.. make answers"

  • Single most important thing is TRUST , you will have times in any long relationship where you fall in and out of love , you will have times where you will be passionate for each other and times you will hate talking to them . that's why trust is the most important thing if you trust each other and stay faithfull you will have a pleasent long relationship if you move on when your hitting a rough patch its your fault not there's.

    once you meet your you will understand they will always look really hot to you and they will be the best thing in your life.

    Best answer.

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