Monkey see monkey do effect ?

Hi All,

Once again with my controversial topics (see my questions in my profile, you'll see ! )

Has anyone noticed a trend within certain groups, groups of friends, regions, countries. ?

Like the second once person does something regardless of how dumb it is, it spreads like wildfire ?

For example:

I have noticed a trend in women since the Britney Spears era in 1998.

Since then, women seem to dress more and more provocatively and seems to be greater than all previous decades combined since the 70s. They even have G strings for 8 year olds COME ON ?

As for the men, well, I guess they are more and more into muscles, cars, girls and what not, but I wouldn't know to much about them lol

Thoughts ? Comments ?


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  • One could argue that with any style though. the fact is that NO ONE is completely original these days. big sunglasses, a horrible trend in my opinion, all over the place. "Punk" style, real big around this town, monkey see monkey do right? Summer dresses seem to be pretty big to, monkey see monkey do again.

    It's just a matter of preference though. My man thankfully is not into muscles and cars, he's more into art, books, psychology. As for me, thankfully I'm also not into dressing like a tramp and wearing g-strings. I prefer to dress comfortably - rather that be in jeans and a tshirt (which one could also argue is monkey see monkey do, because come on, its been done before, obviously) or in a nice casual looking dress.

    • Just wanted to concur on the 'big sunglasses' bit. Audrey Hepburn could pull 'em off, because she looked good in anything (and flaunted that fact often), but she is unfortunately the only one.

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  • indie is a big trend now a days do you know what indie is? over here everyone dresses indie and loves indie music its like the new in thing! like loads of fellas are wearing skinny jeans growing there hair longer etc ! very in big in thing at the moment and everyones going to festivals (ok mostly to get pissed lol) but still its indie music!

  • That's what fads are all about--one person does it and it spreads like the plague.

    I think there's some connection between fads and mob mentality. If everyone else is doing something, surely you can't look stupid when you do it. How else could crocs and uggs be so popular?

    They all die-out in time acid wash jeans in the '80s.

    • Hey, as ugly as crocs are, they are REALLY comfortable.. they aren't all that popular in the town I live in, but I still own a pair just because when I walk up to work every morning, they're SO comfortable and easy to slip on.

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  • I am of mixed feelings in regards to the new wider availability of g-strings. I do not see being into muscles as bad for men, as muscles are pretty cool. I do not think they are more into cars. Men have always been into cars since they were invented. This has not increased. Men are also not more into girls, they have always been into girls. Now they are just more free to be because they are not assaulted with propaganda not to be.

    Dressing provocatively has two sides. On one, girls should be free to follow their path. Often, such dress is cooler, lighter, and more comfortable, and girls enjoy the attention it gets them. They want to get over feeling afraid to be vulnerable and become confident even when scantily clad.

    Obviously not all have such complex thoughts when they dress down, but I wouldn't put it past a lot of them to think this way, even if only in passing or subconsciously, to affirm the habit.

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