Girls, can you provide some prom dress recommendations? Good stores/sites/styles?

I definitely probably have more of a rectangular type form.Girls, can you provide some prom dress recommendations? Good stores/sites/styles ?My prom's theme is "The Great Gatsby". My original choice was this, but it sold out in two days of finding it:

I really want either a gold or champaigne colored dress. Maybe even light pink/peach.

Here's another dress I like but not sure about it

Here's my body: I'm 5'8" and wear 2-4. I'm very small chested.
Note: I'm definitely looking for more of a sleek dress that's fitted towards my body. I don't mind a flowy dress but I definitely don't want a poofy dress. // Feel free to share dress photos and links to actual dress sites please, and If you have any physical store reccomendations, I'm in the bay area, california.


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  • On #DatMelaninTho I say you would look like a goddess in gold/champagne definitely go for those color tone's. I also recommend for you the mermaid style or empire waist and a sweetheart top. Or do like me I had my dress made custom because I wanted a certain look and it cane out perfectly! I'll try to link my prom dress for u☺

  • In the '20s women were going for a rectangular look. So, why don't you go with a flapper style dress. It usually goes down in a straight lline, it's sparkly, it has no waist definition, and an asymmetrical hemline, with beads that move when you dance. Search for flapper dress. Here's some examples.

    • I would literally be the only one wearing an actual flapper dress though, but I really want something gold, sparkly and long/fitted.

    • flapper dresses aren't longer than the knees or overly fitted though. if you'll be the only person wearing one, even the more reasons to do so. Flappers wanted a body like yours, it will look awesome on you

  • The second one is really pretty

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