Do I look attractive?

Girls I was just wondering by my picture on my profile if I look attractive because I am really struggling to find a girlfriend and am a bit insecure. Thanks.


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  • On a completely impersonal level, being completely honest, and not meaning to be blunt or mean at all:

    1) I don't think that's a very good picture or angle

    2) it makes you look kind of like what most girls define as "creepy". I'd suggest shaving to improve that.

    3) I wouldn't say you're unattractive, but at least for me, you're not my type.

    4) it's not all looks-based. there may be other things impeding you in that department. perhaps technique-wise when approaching a girl?


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  • Well I would say shave off the beard thing you have going on. It makes you appear a little unapproachable. But other then that, I think you're pretty good.


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  • No homo.

    Things to improve upon:

    1) Jeepers was right, the camera angle isn't very descriptive of some of your other traits (arms / torso / legs / etc). Try to choose a better picture and reupload, then update your question here.

    2) Shave the beard down to a stubble. It will help you maintain it, and shows that you put effort into maintaining it. Women can then see that and have a guess of character that you will take care of them well because you can maintain effort with your facial hair.

    3) Be approachable, I'm sure you know what that means. You don't have to be fake and smiling, but be genuinely happy with the photo your taking. It increases your appearance 10 fold (Regarding a genuine smile).


    Regarding the rest of your body, I'm unsure at this time.

    ~ ArtistBBoy